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Address:No. 1666 Xinyang road, Fengxian district, Shanghai, China

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Established in 2007, Shanghai Eugene Biotech Co., Ltd. (EUGENE), a subsidiary of China Isotope & Radiation Corporation (CIRC) (01763.hk), is dedicated to the development and production of in vitro diagnostic reagents using colloidal gold immunoassay technologies and other rapid detection principles. The company's core technology team is led by senior engineers, with a number of patents.

EUGENE has passed the certification of ISO13485 quality management system for medical devices of TÜV SÜD, Germany, and its main products have obtained the European Union CE certificate. Its factory and part of products are USA FDA registered, and GMP workshops are equipped with various advanced R&D and production equipment.  It’s capable to develop, produce and sell various colloidal gold rapid test kits, POCT products and other bio-medical products.

EUGENE ® colloidal gold rapid test kits are commonly used for clinical qualitative detection of infectious diseases such as hepatitis, gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory infections, tropical diseases and sexually transmitted diseases, fertility hormones, tumor markers, cardiovascular disease markers, drugs and alcohol, etc. They are widely used by domestic and foreign hospitals, clinics, physical examination centers, Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), epidemic prevention stations, blood stations, family, laboratories, research institutions, public security and traffic system organizations, etc.

Pure ® Food safety colloidal gold rapid test kits are mainly used for rapid detection of pesticide residues in food, agriculture, feed, veterinary drug residue, harmful microorganisms and other toxins.

EUGENE products have been exported to more than 50 countries in the world, and have won the consistent praise by the majority of users for excellent performance and service. Meanwhile, more and more products will be registered in China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA) and be sold on market, contributing to the life, health and food safety of people.

Warmly welcome our partners to join our team and work together to achieve the mission of better human life and health!